Snowboarding is born in the Kaçkar Mountains!

During a film shot with Turkey Heliski, Jeremy Jones (USA) and Stefan Gimpl (D) both had the privilege to share a few descents with the « Lasboarders » of the region, people who come from a different time. One of which was the elder Selim Kara, 72 years old.

It was the American snowboarder Jeremy Jones who dared to ask “the” question true to the history of his sport: How long has the local population been sliding down hills with this tool?”

In answer to this question, Selim revealed that he had been doing this since the year 1946. He had learned this art from his father who in turn had learned it from his own father and grandfather.

Indeed, the practice of this sport was leisurely at times, but it also served as a method of transporting goods and/or wounded people down the valley without neglecting the fact that it served as a way to travel faster between different villages.